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hi i'm redd and i'm a weenie and this is where i run my weenie blog.

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お母さんが#電話 をしてる時 ⚠️お母さんが電話してる時は静かに待とうね。〜 サム(´Д` )

When my mother is on the #phone  Wait quietly when your mother is on the phone. 〜 サム(´Д` )

Yes. Okay. Ah, please wait for a moment… I’M ON THE PHONE SHUT UP

Ah, yes, excuse me. 

i actually ended up dreaming about fe:a and coming up with some strategies to try out

i’ve become too invested


diary >

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun Ships: Nozaki x Sakura

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no seriously now that i think about it

i could just send fred out by himself in chapter 7 and he’d be completely able to just slaughter everyone single-handedly

in other news though

already 21 hours into fe:a and i’m still stuck on chapter 7 god help me

the easy way to do it is to just send fred out and have him absorb most of the damage but it feels like i’m cheating somehow

Hunter x Hunter: Neferpitou - Eyes

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Hiroshi Yoshida

Teahouse in Azalea Garden


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